Robust and durable wooden windowsZ PROGIEM STNADRDOWYM

We offer high quality wooden windows that perfectly fulfill their functions and aesthetic values​​, which are appreciated in the eyes of even the most demanding Customers.

The secret to our high quality wooden windows lies in choosing the right material. In the manufacture of windows is with us only apply wood first grade, without such drawbacks as knots, blue stains or turbans. Years of practice led to the establishment of proven and effective technology. We use longitudinal gluing technique and layered, so that the windows are stable and resistant to any type of distortion. During the three-coat paint and apply paint primer with water repellent. This allows to obtain immunity even in the most difficult weather conditions, including extreme changes in temperature. Wooden windows production is monitored by us at any stage of their preparation. We make sure that the customers went only Valuable product.

The advantage of wood windows is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. Any damages are easy to repair. Minor scratches can quickly fill and paint, so that will not be found for them. The advantage of using wood as the main raw material is that it can create any shape. There is therefore a problem to produce so fashionable now arched windows or trapezoidal. Ideally check also in older buildings, such as historic buildings.

Wooden windows are also prestige. Their unique design makes the goods are deemed to be exclusive. For many people the importance of the fact that the windows are pleasant to the touch.


Wooden windows are the guarantee of a warm local.

Offered by us wooden windows is not just aesthetics and comfort, but also a way to avoid heat loss. The windows use pane sets 4 +16 +4 + argon by thermal permeability k ≤ 1.1 Wlm2K, which are characterized by an optimal degree of tightness. These shafts have one advantage because it protects areas from noise coming from the outside. Due to the high leakage of wooden windowsDSC03923

every customer can save on heating costs.


The aesthetics of wooden windows

For our customers we have a number of additional options that improve the aesthetics of the window and comfort of use. The offer we have, inter alia, structural mullions in both stuck. Window bars are part of the windows, which can be formulated in any way. It is the customer decides on how many fields will be split window and in what proportions. Window bars are available in many colors, thicknesses, and in the most popular variant, which are thin, transoms gold. Thanks to the mullions can get very interesting exterior appearance of the building, they blend in, for example, with stylized houses to mansions.