aluplast_rnk_1Blinds used in retrofit applications, newly built and existing ones. Thanks to the wide range of colors, they are very good decorative element of any building.

Robust construction and well-selected materials to protect against burglary.

Internal warming box allows to reduce heating costs in winter and reduces the degree of heating Aug. room summer.

Imposed blinds made ​​of PVC or aluminum roller shutter system integrated with a window, which can be applied together with their installation during construction of the house or when replacing windows.

The principle of compatibility – characteristic of the profile systems-also applies to the system of external blinds. The rich colors of boxes, rails and armor, and a variety of drives and its security shutters meet all the requirements of customers. The modern system of external blinds offers a high degree of thermal insulation as it is possible to obtain the coefficient of thermal insulation values ​​reaching up to k = 0.6 W/m2K