In addition to energy-saving solutions in the hole joinery is a very important element to heat the house because we have offered our overall size ovens as well as stoves, ornamental: pellmax-s


A series of ovens Pell-MAX definitely warms the entire house these large-size boilers are designed to burn biomass in the form of pellets. The boiler body is made entirely of certified steel with a thickness of 6 mm. An important advantage of the boiler heat exchanger is a plate-like construction which, in the rear part has a special cleaning mechanism. This mechanism has two functions: it maintains heat in proper cleaning and flue gas acts as a turbulator. The boiler is achieved by a constant, high efficiency. On with the boiler has an extra hearth grate that allows periodic burning wood. Pellmax series boilers have a burner made ​​of high quality steel, heat-resistant, with a movable grate turned periodically during operation.


The design of the grate furnace provides efficient emptying of the resulting slag. Advanced automation that supports the pump, hot water circulation pump and floor and lighting fuel system makes operation of the boiler is reduced to a minimum.


To supplement its tender offer biomass stoves pallet pine pellets packed in bags of 15 kg or more packs big-bag.