About us

The Company Stalex Przedsiębiorstwo Handlu i Obróbki Metali Sp. z o.o. is a private company providing services of production and trade for the window industry, mining, automotive, home appliances, ventilation and general construction industry. The organizational structure of the company has been created with a view to best meet customer needs.

Our experience gained over many years in cooperation with Polish and foreign companies.

The core business is the production and distribution of

- Steel profiles for PVC windows, for the majority of window systems

- Angles and special sections on individual orders


The company also imports at attractive prices:

- Galvanized steel sheet in coils and hot rolled (0.3 mm - 20 mm)

- Sheets of galvanized sheets and hot rolled (0.3 mm - 20 mm)

- sheets of black metal

- Galvanized sheet metal lump


We offer a wide range of quality products as well as sheet and rolling over.

Our customers are Polish and foreign companies . Our motto became meeting the needs of the client, which is a comprehensive, professional advice, from the moment of contact with the customer through the process of production and delivery to the address indicated.


We believe that besides the price the quality of service and after sales service are important too. For us the customer is the most important. Desiring that our services and products are modern and comprehensive with constant vigilance we follow the needs and expectations of our customers. We build relationships based on active cooperation.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range counting on interest from your side.


The main product of our company are flat steel sections and reinforcing window angles. We guarantee a wide range of offered products, expert advice, short lead times, high quality product at a competitive price. Our offer is to strengthen steel, galvanized steel to the basic window systems occurring in Poland:












All products are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 10162. Packaged in sets of 300mb or 504 mb, including the wooden sleepers to facilitate unloading by forklift truck, are fastened together with steel tape or plastic straps request. Delivery dates are agreed individually with customers generally do not exceed to 8 business days.


We are a flexible, open to new ideas and strives to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. We supply steel sections according to individual contracts based on technical drawings supplied by the customer. Our special sections go to the mining industry, the furniture industry, home appliances and Automotive.